DSMNY Jewelry Focus — Delfina Delettrez

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Garden of Delight

A study of the nature, Delfina expands her bestiary collection with the “To Bee or not to be” creatures. The hyper-real beehive is rendered from gold and citrine to become a haven for her diamond and sapphire creatures to nest.

“These jewels mark a return to nature, to my nature, since I entered the jewellery world 10 years ago with my collection Garden of Delight. I feel like a bee myself, working hard to create something beautiful and sweet”.

In a game of two halves Delfina expands on her Garden of Delight creations. Offering a baroque dreamlike contrast to the linear modernity of the Twin earrings. Creating hypnagogic visions that celebrate the mysteries of the physical world these pieces mark a return to nature. The hyper-real beehive is rendered from gold and citrine to become a haven for her diamond and sapphire figurative creatures to nest.

These seasonless objets d'art form part of Delfina’s expanding repertoire.

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“Dover Street Market is the designer’s heaven, it represents the right alchemy between commerciality and creativity. Here forms of expression have no limits or boundaries, it’s not just about merchandising the final product but rather having the chance to bring your ideas to life with the right installation. After completing my collections, I like to work on the presentation and I find in Dover Street Market the right place for my concepts. Here my brand can find the right audience – both women and men – because there is not distinction of genders, just an eye for beauty and new. I am grateful for the support and for believing in me year after year.” Delfina Delettrez

Delfina Delettrez Fendi is a designer and jeweller based in Rome. She founded her company, Delfina Delettrez, in 2007. Since the inception of her brand, she has developed a signature perspective using a wide material vocabulary, manifested in her original use of figurative surrealism and natural iconography including hands, eyes, bees, and lips. These adorn different parts of the anatomy, in a continuous game of echoes.

The unique aesthetic of Delettrez’s work comes from the marriage of classical goldsmith techniques with innovative contemporary materials, progressing traditional Italian craftsmanship to create modern, futuristic jewels. Her creations utilise the excellence of traditional Italian handicraft, mixing it with postmodern inspirations, the pieces are a fusion of past and future. Delettrez’s designs are hyper-modern, but still hand-made in her Roman atelier that she established in 2007.